Sunday, September 26, 2004

Lighting and mood

Storm in the Rockies.

I felt so drawn to this moment of change depicted in this photo, I don't really know why. I downloaded it from a free image library, changed it to 75 ppi and cropped it in Photoshop, I'm not very visual, but sometimes you just find an image that somehow communicates how you feel in a precise moment of time. That's what this is for me, a perfect visual metaphor for things I can't even begin to articulate or understand.

Another reason it speaks to me is that I live in that sudden space that borders the endless eastern prairie and the Rocky Mountains. It isn't unusual to get snow in August, or see a bald eagle fishing, or watch herons stalk prairie dog pups. In this belt of land that snakes up and down Colorado, you'll see mule deer, bears, moose, mountain lions (well, no one ever sees them, you can find them by scat and tracks,) elk, big horn sheep, wild mountain goats, and just about every predator bird you've ever heard of. We have year-round Canada geese, and I have (believe it or not) been harassed by pelicans when fly fishing. I live in a place with great seasonal flux, at altitude (around 6,000'.) It’s fluid and dynamic in the daily encroachment of prairie versus mountains. You can literally see for 30 miles or more, on a clear day. The sky seems endless and you sort of feel naked before it.

Last night we had some very serious hail (again!) that dimpled my sad car. I still haven't removed the dents from the last hailstorm, which lasted ten minutes and delivered hailstones larger than a golf ball.) My garden is a mess, all the lavender is listing to the south, and the basil plants will probably croak today. I guess making pesto is out this fall. The cloud ceiling is below 600 feet; the Divide is completely shuttered away behind this massive cold front. The sky has that funny San Francisco look to it, being slate or gunmetal gray, and it is so still out. I saw only one flock of Canada geese out, and they were flying low and fast.


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