Saturday, September 25, 2004

Front Range

Living life in the slow lane: Boulder, Colorado on a lazy sunny afternoon. Just a bit about me to get started.

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Just a picture I took late in the afternoon a few years ago. I was facing west, aiming at the layers of the Flat Irons as they give way to the Rockies.

The light in the late afternoon is incredible, amber and and clear. Its the kind of light they want in car commericals. You can't see it but the cottonwood trees were blowing and sending puffy packets of seeds to collect in small snow drifts.

I don't really know what I want to focus on. I am trying a mess of sites and software to try and make an intelligent choice and find what suits me best. (Although, I have to admit I am leaning toward NoteTaker and Ecto.)

I joke about being bi-platform. My situation is reversed of everyone else though as I work in a mac enviroment and frequently use a Windoze laptop at home. I also have a G3 laptop running OS 10.2.8. I do prefer life on the mac though, especially for writing, I find it more creative and it seems so simple and elegant. (Trust me, I know from work it isn't.. as does anyone who ever heard the Chimes of Doom.)

I often say I am the jack of all trades and the master of none. About the only thing I am foaming at the mouth rabid about is catch and release fly fishing. I fly fish most of the summer (I work in education and have summers off.) I tie flies in the winter. I spend every possible moment tucked away in the Rockies. I live in the Front Range, in what we mockingly call The People's Republic of Boulder. I am a tad conservative politically, in other words I am not your typical Boulder Granola-head. I actually find some of it hysterically funny. For example, in Boulder you do not own a dog. You are its legal guardian. They passed that last year while the rest of the state shook their collective heads, chortling, "Only in Boulder."

Anyway, I expect to talk about fly fishing (as a form of reflective living,) education, therapy, and maybe technology (though I lack expertise in the latter category.) I don't have a religion, although I was raised a very strict pre-Vatican II catholic including more years than I want to think about in parochial schools. I might talk about my checkered past. I have lived in Africa, Europe, and Asia, and worked in many different cultures as an American Expatriate. (Except time in Africa.) I've been in the Army, worked and taught paramedics, and sold critters in a pet store as a teenager.

I try and live fairly simply. Other than the expected bills, I seldom spend much money. (Well, okay, I spent a lot on fly fishing rods, but I have all I need... except maybe that new 00 weight Sage rod!) Well, I guess that is enough information for now.


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